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The Mona Campus Trail is an invitation to discover the history that lies half-buried under the Mona Campus of the University of the West Indies!

UWI students and visitors can follow the trail and discover for themselves how the university's lands were formed by debris washed down from the Blue Mountains, how Africans were enslaved to create sugar estates on these lands, how these estates were transformed to house people transported from Gibraltar in the 1940s - an accident of war - and then how their wooden buildings were used to establish the first university in the English speaking Caribbean! 

The booklet is made available by its creator, Mike Morrissey, in association with the prize-winning website

You have two options. You can view The Mona Campus Trail as a flipping book on your iPad or laptop. Click here. Or you can download the booklet as a PDF file and print your own copy.   

Other schools and universities are encouraged to use the idea of trail making to create guided walks that encourage discovery and connections with communities of the past through the relics that remain today. is delighted to bring back to life The Mona Campus Trail using flipping book technology as a resource for learning about Jamaica's geography, history and society.

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