Rohan Marley aids in Protecting African Lions (PAL) Image

by Biko Kennedy

Always carrying out his father's eco-socialistic nature, Rohan Marley has now align himself with the Protecting African Lions foundation.

A foundation, started by entrepreneur and wildlife enthusiast, Conor Mccreedy and designer Lianne Landman, in support of protecting African lions from extinction – after it's projected that over the next 20-40 years the lion populous may rapidly decline – PAL's mission is simple; to focus on preserving an incomparable wildlife, symbolic of courage, strength and independence.

According to Marley "The lion is much more than an element of the environment. It is a symbol of strength for nations around the globe. We must unite to protect these magnificent creatures that have blessed our earth with so much beauty and power. It is my honour to serve as an ambassador for PAL and work as one to conserve their future."

Dereck Joubert for National Geographic also noted that "Financially, ecotourism generates around $80 billion a year for Africa, which feeds into local communities and economies. Few people I know would bother coming on safari if they knew they would not see the king of the beasts."

With Marley Coffee and the 1Love Foundation among the list of partners, it's their hope to sell as much PAL bracelets as possible to spread the word of their worthwhile venture with proceeds going to the Protecting African Lions Foundation and affiliated charities.

Keep up-to-date with the latest information about PAL and Lions, what you can do to help protect them, as well as the latest celebrities who are joining the Protecting African Lions pride through their Facebook and Twitter accounts and do visit their official website.

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