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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Reggae Revival website launched foreshadowing the publication of renowned Jamaican author Dutty Bookman's book about the movement.

When Gavin Hutchinson better known as Dutty Bookman suggested the term 'Reggae Revival' in November 2011, he gave a burgeoning movement it's universal identity.  Like the legacy of his name, originally belonging to a revolutionary Hatian slave, Hutchinson's initial intent to inspire local discussion spiraled into world wide recognition of a paradigm shift towards Jamaica's creative industries. 

What is this Reggae Revival? explained, "What we see happening in the local creative industries is that the conscious, Afrocentric, often Rastafari reggae aesthetic is making a powerful comeback in various art forms and cultural expressions. Music unsurprisingly leads the way with a new crop of singers and musicians who are emerging to give expression to this awakening."

The recently powered website serves to document this cultural revolution in progress. Dutty Bookman more aptly explained,  "WWW.REGGAE-REVIVAL.COM is intended to be the hub for the movement, especially as a source of information for anyone who wants an initial, basic understanding of what the movement is about."

It is frequently updated with news related to the movement from new music releases to events and activities. The official twitter feed of the movement is also included on the site for real time updates.  

Dutty noted, "The potential is great for the Reggae Revival to positively affect Jamaican culture and even the world, especially if more people follow the social media links and add their own voices to this growing movement." This of which the site would help to facilitate. was also told it will be the first place where the exact date that the Reggae Revival book will be released. 

The author of  Tried & True: Revelations of a Rebellious Youth revealed about his pending work that, "The book will contain lots of surprises but, most importantly, it will be a documentation of the beginnings of the Reggae Revival, which many people don't know about. The Reggae Revival dates back roughly half a decade ago before it got to this point of mainstream popularity."

Join the movement online and find out when you can get your hands on the highly anticipated book! 

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