Rastafari musical artifacts lost in fire: here’s how you can help Image

by Biko Kennedy

After words spread that drums and other historical artifacts used in the birth of Jamaica’s popular music were destroyed in a fire at Rockfort in East Kingston recently, our friends at midnightraverblog.com have started a fundraiser project to aid in the restorations.

The drums and other percussion instruments belonged to the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari, the group of drummers founded by Count Ossie and which played on the internationally renowned hit Oh Carolina, the infectious ska number recorded by the Folkes Brothers in 1958.

Click the image below to read about the Mystic Revelation of Rastafari.

In an effort to do our part to help restore these historic artifacts and to provide support for our friends, MIDNIGHT RAVER launched a fundraising campaign through CrowdRise.  

If you wish to make a donation please visit Rise Mystic Revelation campaign.  Even the smallest donations will be extraordinarily helpful in reaching our goal of USD $1000.

All donations are deposited into an escrow account established through WePay, and the total funds raised will be transferred directly from escrow to a foundation to be established for charitable donations.

To make donations visit the CrowdRise page at https://www.crowdrise.com/RiseMysticRevelation
If you have any queries you can send an email to midnightraverblog@gmail.com

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