À La Jamaique explores a Jamaican hallmark; Jerk Chicken Image

by Biko Kennedy

With the web-documentary 'À la Jamaïque' French musician, filmmaker, illustrator, director, producer and sound engineer Romain Chiffre, better known as Sherkhan, takes viewers through the ins and outs of creating the perfect Jerk Chicken.

Jerk Chicken is said to have been originated by the Maroons as they introduced African meat cooking methods to that of seasonings used by the Arawaks.

The technique of smoking meat at long phases of time primarily acts in two useful purposes; for perceiving the meat kind for an extended period after it has been cooked as well as to ward off varying nuisances from it.

The two commonly passed theories as to the name origins of 'Jerk' suggests that either it's from the Spanish word "Charqui", used to describe dried meat or it's from the practice of jerking (poking) holes in the meat to fill with spices prior to cooking.

But in today's culinary circles , the term 'Jerk' is more so used to describe the actual seasoning being applied to the meat or the process in preparing the meat.

In either case, Jerk Chicken will forever be a favorite for many, with Jamaica undeniably being the Mecca of unmatched taste and flavor in preparing it.

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