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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Percussionist Jesse Golding offers conga drumming lessons to the public.

Renowned Jamaican percussionist Jesse Golding is offering lessons in a variety of Jamaican and Afro Caribbean rhythm and chants such as Dinkimini, Kumina, Yanvalou and Etu to persons interested in learning to play the drums.

Golding, who considers himself an 'offspring of the arts', recounted being drawn to the drum as a toddler. Since then he has honed over 25yrs of experience with conga drums under the tutelage of some of Jamaica's finest masters like Congo Billy, Junior "Gabbu" Wedderburn, Marjorie Whylie and Ronan Critchlow. "I've cultivated a deeply rooted understanding of the instrument and a broad knowledge base of Afro Caribbean and Jamaican rhythms," he told, adding "I have played on several studio recordings and live performances alongside some of Jamaica's most renowned record producers and performers. I've toured extensively with the National Dance Theatre Company of Jamaica (NDTC) for well over ten years. All these have placed me among the most accomplished practitioners of this art form, locally."

Known for his high level of expertise with the Conga and after numerous requests for his professional instructions, he decided to offer his services once again.  "I taught a drum class several years ago and loved the experience. Teaching the drum comes naturally to me, and sharing the joy of drumming has always been a desire of mine," he shared. He mentioned teaching his own children Jordan David and Zaila-Jazz who are now quite verse themselves in the craft, a testament to his skills.

Golding will be offering classes for both adults and children, of whom he hopes " to instill a level of reverence for the instrument, and our indigenous rhythm patterns." The course lasts for thirteen week, hosted every Saturday from April 6 to June 29. During this period Golding expressed his main objectives stating,  "I want to transfer the skill of conga drumming in order that my students are able to drum with the ease and synchronicity of their own heartbeat. I hope to teach them to not drum by rote, but from soul, and heart. Those points aside I want to spark or rekindle the fire inside of us for our own culture, heritage and art form."

For $10,000 JD (roughly $100USD) he strives to provide an invaluable learning experience limited not only to drums but ourselves. "The experience will teach patience and will underscore the importance of practice and commitment. Above and beyond all of that this drumming experience will be a beautiful journey," Golding asserted.
The lessons will be held at the NDTC Studios (Little Theatre), 4 Tom Redcam Ave, Kingston 5. 

You can call Jesse at 386-4397 or email him at

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