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by Jordan Delahaye

"Together we can all improve the lives of many and even influence others to work hard and accomplish their aspirations."

Jamaican born Adrianna Boulin is a young philanthropist who currently resides in the US. Her distance from Jamaica has not affected her connection with her home country however, as Boulin is on a quest to help create a brighter future for the children in the Springfield community through quality education.

Her JAMAKIN ME SMART foundation has already raised US$216 on the popular funding site - gofundme.com - in only 11 days. Boulin still needs a lot more support however if she is going to reach her goal of US$1000. The website has already helped to fund numerous causes and Boulin is hoping her foundation will also get the backing it needs.

According to Boulin the monetary donations will go towards awarding scholarships to a few lucky students but donations can either be cash or kind.

"A student in Jamaica would value their materials because of how limited the resources are in Jamaica," Boulin writes on the website, adding that the foundation is also accepting donations of school supplies. These supplies can consist of, but are not limited to, books, notebooks, pens, pencils, book bags, binders, folders, paper, ink and highlighters.

Boulin is also providing businesses with the opportunity to benefit from their support by advertising on the foundations team tee-shirts, banners, posters/flyers and a plug in any televised interviews that are made both here in the United States and in Jamaica. One never needs an incentive to give but Boulin is determined to make her foundation a success.

Those not able to donate in cash or kind can still lend their support by spreading awareness about the foundation and the issues that students in Jamaica are facing in certain communities. In supporting the JAMAKIN ME SMART foundation, Boulin notes that you will be giving a child the chance to receive a good education - which is a priceless reward in itself.

All questions and inquiries should be directed to JAMAKINMESMART@gmail.com

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