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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Jamaicansmusic.com awards Safia Latchman and Jordonha Wilson with full scholarships to pursue studies in the performing arts at Excelsior Community College.

Jamaicansmusic.com attended Excelsior Community College's Student Award Ceremony held at the Courtleigh Auditorium on Thursday, November 8th as the donor of two full scholarships to a pair of performing arts students at the institution. During this past summer individuals wishing to study for an Associates of Science Degree in Performing Arts were given the opportunity to apply for a full tuition scholarship from the company. After reviewing applications and interviewing applicants it came down to the final two, Safia Latchman and Jordonha Wilson.

Unknowingly, friends Latchman and Wilson both applied for the same scholarship. Both ladies are former students of the Clan Carthy High School and share a long standing history in the performing arts.

Wilson for example began participating in the Jamaica Cultural Development Commission (JCDC) competition in 7th grade. After copping silver and bronze awards, she went on to write her own dub poem which took her to nationals where she won Best Dub Poem and also Best Experimental Dub Poem in 9th grade. Since then she has won several more awards and even sang competitively in a local Spanish festival where she again won gold.

Latchman on the other hand recalls an even earlier start during her primary school days when she would write her own songs. She shared that back then she was too shy to sing them herself and it was actually Wilson who later helped her to shake her fears. In fact drama has been very influential in her development as she relayed that it was through performing arts and channelling different characters that she was able to become the exuberant person she is today. Over the years she has also participated in JCDC competitions where she too has won awards.

For these performing arts enthusiasts this scholarship award was nothing short of a saving grace. Wilson hoped to pursue a career as both an actress and director while a very ambitious Latchman sets sight on becoming an actress, recording artiste, dancer and lawyer. However, with financial constraints in their way furthering their academic studies was never a sure thing. The friends remained steadfast in their faith nevertheless hoping that somehow their prayers would be answered. When news finally surfaced that they were the chosen awardees both recipients expressed how overwhelmingly grateful they were, Latchman recounted being brought to tears.

Beyond the financial security Wilson expressed that this award symbolizes the first step towards accomplishing her dreams. She explained how it has motivated her to not give up and stay focused. In a similar breath Latchman expressed, "I've tried almost all the letters in the alphabet and this is almost z, and I always tell my friends if you've used A B C don't stop because there are more letters in the alphabet."

C.E.O of Jamaicansmusic.com, Alex Morrissey shared that he is quite pleased with the candidates selected and believes that both girls will excel in their studies at Excelsior Community College. With much admiration for their passion towards the performing arts he wishes them all the best and hopes that this scholarship will give them a start to becoming significant contributors towards nation building.

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