Jamaica readies Acoustic Concert as the world unites for Earth Hour Image

by Biko Kennedy

In its eighth year, WWF’s Earth Hour continues to defy expectations by mobilising hundreds of millions of people around different environmental priorities across the planet. And now in 2014, the movement further expands its digital and on the ground reach from the Amazon to the Artic and Tahiti to Tanzania, with a groundswell of action creating massive impact around the world to shine a light on the incredible work being done to create a sustainable planet.

“Earth Hour has always been more than just about lights off, it’s about people from all walks of life coming together throughout the year to show what they can do to protect the planet,” says Andy Ridley, CEO and Co-Founder of Earth Hour from Singapore. “What makes Earth Hour different is that it empowers people to take charge and to use their power to make a difference. The movement inspires a mixture of collective and individual action, so anyone can do their part,” said Ridley. 

This year when the whole world switches its lights off for Earth Hour, WWF-Colombia will “switch on” the Amazon Rainforest. Known as the ‘world’s lungs’, the Amazon is quickly disappearing with mining and ranching leading to loss of species and pollution. The project from Colombia, supported by Latin American ambassador Claudia Baham?n, allows global participants to invest in the largest ecosystem and air, water and life producer on the planet.

In Russia efforts are being directed to the conservation of the Amur Leopard, which is one of the most endangered species on the planet. People across the globe are encouraged to help support WWF-Russia’s on the ground field projects across the Russian territory to help save five key species of endangered animals living in the region. 

Likewise in Jamaica, social-media-Jamaican-music-megahub, Jamaicansmusic.com, plays host to their second annual acoustic concert being held at the Ranny Williams Entertainment Centre. Featuring some of the most buzzed-about artistes, including Jesse Royal and Iba Mahr, their concert is presented as the first step in getting the Jamacian public fully aware of the global climate changes currently taking place.

"There are varied climate-oriented issues that are plagued throughout the world and locally that the average Jamaican may not be aware of or just simply turn a blind eye to. So with our concert we want to present said issues in manner we (Jamacian) relate to best...music," noted CEO of Jamaicansmusic.com Alex Morriessy. "And this is truly just the first step in opening persons eyes to varying climate issues...we'd love to see the entire island participate more in the Earth Hour initiatives. And after that, the entire Caribbean," annexed Music Journalist Biko Kennedy.

“People from all walks of life, from all nations around the world, are the lifeblood of the Earth Hour global community. They are true beacons of hope, demonstrating what happens when innovation and passion come together to address the biggest challenges of our time. They have proven time and time again that if you believe in something strongly enough, you can achieve amazing things. These stories aren’t unique, this is happening all over the world,” said Andy Ridley, CEO and Co- Founder, Earth Hour.

Inspired by the beyond the hour activity, Earth Hour will this year ask participants to share how they are being Superheroes for the Planet via Instagram, Twitter and Facebook platforms promoting the #EathHour and #YourPower hash-tags. ?

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