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by JaBlogz

Jamaica is an island that is blessed with a plethora of talent and it can be witnessed in a wide variety of areas. Two of the most notable areas of course are music and sports. For a small island we have managed to achieve feats many large countries still can only dream of matching.

We are literally oozing with world renowned superstars and Jamaica is constantly being emulated by persons from across the globe. Our infectious way of doing things and style of speaking is adored wherever we go.

Persons like Usain Bolt have also served to bolster the desire for all things Jamaican as well. His amazing 'God-like' natural ability coupled with his ‘Jamaican swag’ has literally made him one of the most valuable brands in the world.

Jamaican Music is highly respected throughout the world and in order to keep raising the bar for the music we produce, we must give our aspiring artistes all the support we can afford.

Jamaicans undoubtedly are some of the most patriotic supporters of locally produced talent when they rise to the occasion and achieve GREAT things. The most recent example of this patriotism could be seen when Jamaicans all over the world rallied to help our songstress Tessanne Chin earn the title of 'The Voice'.

It was truly amazing and quite pleasing to witness how Jamaicans came together to help her win. It’s hard to pinpoint if there had ever been a time when so many Jamaicans actually bought songs on iTunes. Persons of all ages utilized various social media platforms to garner the votes necessary for her to progress through each stage of the competition.

While Tessanne’s victory have left countless of long-time and new fans elated, it does make you wonder about the level of support that is given to upcoming artistes in Jamaica.

In all honesty though we as Jamaicans are supportive of our local talents when they reach the pinnacle of success in their various fields, we are many times guilty of being 'waggonists'.

We often only give our unwavering support when the individual has received recognition elsewhere. Deciding whether or not Tessanne Chin was overlooked here in Jamaica prior to The Voice is very difficult as many Jamaicans will now falsely claim that they always loved and supported her.

One thing is certain. She always had the talent and in the humblest opinion she should have received much greater attention from Jamaicans and local radio stations prior to entering The Voice.

It is of dire importance that Jamaicans support our upcoming artistes in whatever ways we can.  Whether it is moral or emotional support, it can go a long way in helping us to produce music that is of highest caliber and continue to make our country proud.

Tessanne Chin was fortunate in some ways because she was in an environment that allowed her to make good connections. The fact is despite her immense vocal talents, if she did not receive the support and encouragement from individuals around her she would not have been able to elevate her career as rapidly as she has done now.

Shaggy recognized her gifts from the early stages of her career and encouraged her to enter The Voice. His vision and support has made her the most recognized female entertainer from Jamaican in quite some time.

The question now is: who’ll be brave enough to take a daring leap of faith to becoming Jamaica’s next flagship personality?

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