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by Tanaka Tiki Roberts

Jamaican gourmet prodigy, Chef Brian Lumley to host a culinary workshop for 'Budding Chefs' in Jamaica.

Certified Chef de Cuisine, Brian Lumley and his team at Foodie Focus Ltd are at it again. The innovative team who also conceptualized "Foodies Lyme", a first of its kind event for food lovers, have now cooked up a brilliant idea for children to also join in and indulge in the world of gourmet! 'Budding Chef' is a culinary workshop for children, ages 4-10 years old as Lumley noted that "We chose this age group primarily because it is vital that they learn about choosing healthy foods from as early as possible and its our hope that these lessons will have a lifelong impact."

The recipient of the 2012 Chef On the Rise Award at the 14th staging of Observer Food Awards also highlighted, "It is important to have children in the kitchen at an early age because it improves their self esteem by helping to make something the whole family will love, it provides various opportunities to show off their math, science or creativity skills and it also fosters the chance for them to learn about their culture through food."

Lumley and his skilled culinary team which includes the likes of Rochelle Grindley, Theo Smith and Nicole Shirley will partner with the Wonder World Early Childhood Institution at their Kids on Campus branch located at the University of the West Indies to engage children in a fun, creative and safe environment where they can explore the wonders of the culinary landscape, each equipped with their very own chef's jacket. Lumley further added that "the workshop is not to teach children what their parents can't but it is to equip them, using a Montessori approach, with the requisite skills to make their own healthy food choices and to pass on these skills to their family and friends."

"Budding Chefs" runs from Aug 13th to 24th and features activities such as Kitchen Safety, Desert Day, Build-A-Burger Day and also two field trips including one to Best Dressed Foods.

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