Better Mus' Come reaches Netflix Image

by Biko Kennedy

With critics, film lovers and varied curious minds dubbing 'Better Mus' Come' a modern classic for Jamaican filmography, Netflix customers will have the opportunity to catch wind of the film often liken to the 1972 Jimmy Cliff-starred 'The Harder They Come' come November 11th.

AFFRM's new multi-platform label ARRAY Releasing recently announced Storm Saulter's critic-favored romantic drama Better Mus' Come, to be released on Netflix's streaming VOD service, on Monday, November 11th.

Starring Sheldon Shepherd, Nicole Grey, Ricardo Orgill, Everaldo Creary, and Roger Guenveur Smith, Better Mus' Come stands as Saulter's debut feature film, as writer and director, navigating the tale of a rollercoaster ride of politics, the ins and outs of poverty and an undying romantic twist.

"I'm definitely humbled by the experience but at the same time I knew when we were shooting this film and I could see it when it was being edited- I knew it was an important film, I knew that it was special and unique. It really didn't look like something I've ever seen before so I'm just really happy that people are discovering it and giving it its chance," quipped Saulter to after word broke of the film being  premiered at the British Film Institute's Southbank theatre back in 2012.

Check out the first 7 minutes of the 2010-released film; just to have an idea of why it's a must watch film:

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