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by Alex Morrissey

We recently did a sit down with the hottest painter that has the whole of Jamaica talking. She's not a musician but we try to promote all forms of Jamaican art and entertainment because its all connected.

1. Does the music you listen influence your designs? 
No, but i listen to any kind of music, like i listen to Enya because its soothing and then i will listen to all the main stream music and then on Zip 103 i will listen to whatever is on, especially when ZJ Electra is on. Punk rock at times too, but i wouldn't say it influences my art.

2. How often do you find yourself painting? 
That depends, because i have times when i feel i need to paint all the time but then there are times when i don't paint for a couple months. It could be every day at some points in time or once a month, really just depends on how busy i am.

3. Do you have any other career interests outside of art? 
When i go to university i will pursue other interests but i will always do art

4. What is your greatest fear ? 
I don't like fish, but my greatest fear is death, but it depends on how i will die.

5. Would you ever want to do collaboration on a painting with another artist? and who would you want it to be ? 
I would want to do one with Romero Britto, he is a Brazilian artist who is big in the United states right now, that would be really cool.

6. Have any of your paintings featured internationally ? 
Yes did a group exhibitions at the Jamaica High Commission in London, one in Florida and I am now doing a group exhibition this coming December.

7. How many paintings have you ever done ? 
I am not really sure, I stopped counting after 100.

8. What's the one thing you can't live with out ?
My art, but apart from that my cell phone :p

9. Do you consider everything you paint a "work of art" ? 
NO!, hells no. I having paints that I put in a corner because I am so embarrassed of them. A lot I have done I don't like even if other people love them!

10. What do you think separates you from other artists? 
My age and the type of work that I do, particularly in Jamaica, because you find that most of the artists are traditional in terms of landscapes and abstracts. Mine are bold, lively and modern. I have recently done some landscapes and portaits but still in my theme.

11. What was feedback did you got from the persons who attended your first solo exhibition? 
Nobody had anything negative to say, everyone loved it and they didn't except it to be that big.

12. Do you think your art can have any impact on Jamaica or the people? 
I guess, it's something new and i hope it can influence the young people in Jamaica to step and and know that if I can reach my level of success at my age then it is also possible for them to do it as well so I hope it encourages a lot of the youth to not give up on their dreams.

13. If there were one thing you could change about Jamaica today, what would it be? 
Apart from crime, the shipping rates! The shipping rates are ridiculous, it is very hard to do business outside of Jamaica because it is very expensive to ship my work.

14. What can we expect from you for the rest of the year and going into 2011? 
For 2010 more Community service, charity support and as for next year I will be taking part in the annual Ligeanea art festival, I am not quite sure about JCDC as yet but you will see more of me in the news.

15. How has been apart of your career do far?
For the last couple months. has been a proud supporter of my line of work and they have been there backing and supporting me. They even sponsored my exhibition and continuosly post links and articles on their page and I highly respect that and am very thankful for it.
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