'Better Mus' Come' to make it's UK television debut on May 9 Image

by Biko Kennedy

Though nearly four years have elapsed since the official release of the award-winning drama, Better Mus' Come, the film is still making headway on the international scene.

Following distribution in the United States courtesy of a deal with the ARRAY label, the film will make its way to British television screens. Paul Bucknor, head of Firefly Films and producer of the 2010 hit, has inked a deal with the British Broadcasting Company (BBC) to air Better Mus' Come.

The Oscar-winning director told The Sunday Gleaner the contract allows for two screenings of the film on the British network in the coming months. The first screening is scheduled for May 9 on BBC2. The date of the second has not yet been finalised, but should be sometime in the next 18 months.

The BBC also reserves the right to air the film as often as they wish after the 18-month-period has passed. This marks the first time in nearly 50 years that the BBC has licensed a Jamaican movie and Bucknor explained that getting the deal was not easy.

"The whole process took about a year because the BBC is a massive organisation, and to get around to the right person takes time," he  noted explaining that "The BBC doesn't buy many independent films, but when I approached them with the idea, they reacted positively and asked to see the film," he explained.

New momentum for film

Bucknor described the opportunity as an honour and hopes the film will have a resurgence because of the massive reach of the BBC.

"There is nowhere else that I would rather it be seen than on BBC because of its worldwide reach. Millions of people who have never seen the film will get that opportunity now."

Bucknor says that while there are pirated DVDs of the film on sale both locally and internationally, there are no immediate plans to release an official DVD version of the film, though the BBC deal may mean Better Mus' Come will soon be available on Netflix in Europe.

Check out the first half hour of the film below:

Original story from The Gleaner: http://jamaica-gleaner.com/gleaner/20140504/ent/ent3.html

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