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For most people photography is not recognized as an art form. It is seen merely as a medium for capturing important moments and preserving memories.

 But for 20 year old Denieze "Spunk" Anderson, photography is a lot more than just taking pictures. For her it is a skill which requires as much human sensibility as would a painting; for her a camera is simply a brush that clicks; for her photography is art. Denieze's interest in the field as piqued about two years ago while she perused the work of a well-established Jamaican photographer, Ryan Lue-Clarke. Needless to say she was very impressed and zealously inspired. 

It was not long before Spunk, as she is called by her peers, experimented with her very own photo shoot. At the time all she had was her iPhone, so the shoot was nothing extravagant, but it was her first sep into the fieldand it gave her the momentum she needed to actively pursue a career in photography. After honing her skills, the ambitious young entrepreneur went on to open her very own studio. Denieze has been the proud owner of D. Andy Photography Studio for over a year now.

 Like any other artist, Denieze uses photography as an outlet for her "creative mojo". She also channels that creativity into her hand accessory line called, SPUNK, as fashion is another one of her many passions. The diverse and driven young mogul is also about to graduate with her bachelors in Mass Communications with a specialization in television. She foresees television production and broadcasting in her near future, but currently she is more focused on her photography and her accessory line.

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