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It’s often thought of that great minds think alike. But at we believe that great minds could never think alike, the average mind does;great minds will always try to exceed mans’ reach on his imagination. It’s with this mind-set that we translate the forward-thinking characteristics of our generation and stay ahead of predictabilities.

Innovation at Jamaicansmusic

With the advancement in technology you’ll hardly ever come across ideas that are purely original anymore. But at Jamaicansmusic we try to give readers an experience that is worth sharing; whether it’s articles that’ll pull you closer with every word that dances across your eyes or a high-resolutioned rare photograph only a handful of persons have ever seen or maybe an exclusive video that can stir a global impact; we always strive to give our global audience content that are 5 steps ahead of the blogosphere.

But the task of archiving and educating persons on the rich history behind Jamaican music and culture in general certainly isn’t an easy one and could never be done by any one entity which is why we’re always extending a hand to persons interested in taking this mystical journey with us.

Honing basic skills

There’s one of three things (if not all three) you’ll take away having spent time on the our team;

1. You’ll become more detail-oriented – developing keen attention skills to aesthetics, becoming able to take a project from inception to completion effectively and efficiently with/without pressuring time constraints.

2. Ideas will be sparked and flow easier making you a better conceptualizer – as you’re always in a creative space implementing and developing unparalleled concepts; seeking stories that needs to be told and telling it in a way unexpected.

3. You’ll find yourself being more goal-oriented/self-motivated – working well independently or with the team and ultimately making effective use of all available resources while motivating others.

Open Positions

Part-time Writer / Blogger Internship

We’re always seeking

  • Winter Interns
  • Autumn/Spring Interns
  • Summer Interns
  • Fall Interns


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