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Que is extremely passionate about the direction of music today and its influences on society. Out of this passion a star was formed. Gospel was its genesis, but the spirit of his music could not be governed. This spirit has taken him into all genres of music. The smooth yet powerful vocals from him will leave you mesmerized. This singer not only has the vocals but exudes a stage showmanship that makes every event more memorable.The talents of Nicolo Cuvilie, the birth name of Que, are not limited to singing. Que is a world c ...
thumb Denyque & Chino - What About Love
thumb Denyque & Ding Dong - What You Like
thumb Denyque - Close My Eyes
thumb Denyque - How To Rave
thumb Denyque - I Miss You - Official Video
thumb Denyque - Not What I'm Used To


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