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Owen Moncrieffe aka Fantan Mojah was born in St Elizabeth Parish, Jamaica. To gain experience, he took a job working with a traveling soundsystem, and performed songs during soundchecks. He adopted the name Mad Killer, in an homage to one of his favorite artists, Bounty Killer. After being exposed to the Rastafarian movement his music began to take on a more positive tone, and he was encouraged by Capleton to take the name Fantan Mojah.

Fantan Mojah is notable for being one of the new wave of contemporary reg ...

thumb Fantan Mojah - Hail The King
thumb Fantan Mojah - Hungry
thumb Fantan Mojah - Roots N Culture
thumb Fantan Mojah - Stronger
thumb Fantan Mojah LIVE - Rebel Salute 2015
thumb Fantan Mojah Live at Sting 2011


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