Jamaicansmusic.com (Jamaicansmusic.com Inc.) is a Jamaican music and entertainment website founded by Alex Morrissey in 2008. The website's primary focus is to document the history of the country’s music, but also covers news and developments in music, entertainment, and live events.

About Us

An unequalled mega hub for all things Reggae and Dancehall related - spanning music, videos, interviews, artworks, tracklists, and news - Jamaicansmusic.com (Jamaicansmusic.com Inc.) sits as a website primarily focused on documenting the dynamic and ever-shifting persona of Jamaica’s rich musical landscape.

Conceptualized by Alex Morrissey in 2008, Jamaicansmusic.com has grown into the most popular Caribbean brand page on Facebook – attracting over 2.5 million fan likes – combining varied apps, games, and interactive advertising on the Facebook page and website to inform, entertain and engage the website’s global audience.

Daily updated with the latest in entertainment news happening across Jamaica and the Reggae universe, Jamaicansmusic.com’s herculean team is dedicated in cataloguing and continuing to inspire Jamaican music enthusiasts, whose affinity to the music and culture has propelled it as one of the most sought after genres in the world.

From the inescapable rhythms of the rhumba box and teases of the bongos with Mento to the finger snapping, hand clapping and ‘boogie woogie’ nature found in Ska; to the soft melodies and harmonic beats resting on Rocksteady to the walking bassline coupled with an emphasized ‘off-beat’ guitar strum laced throughout Reggae; to the epicentre of high octane and myriad of colours that melt effortlessly from Dancehall, Jamaicans’ music can be heard playing in clubs, bars, cars, or even the most random crooning of a passer-by globally. The music of Jamaica has undeniably captivated the world while sustaining an apparent edge reflecting the characteristics and culture of its creators.

It’s with this massive impact - indelibly sitting in the forefront of the mind - that plays as Jamaicansmusic.com’s raison…giving you, what just might be, the official home of Jamaican music.

Our Vision

To create a database that paints the true colours of Jamaican music in all aspects – a history worth much more than it’s credited – while sharing a portal once entered you simply don’t want to leave. As avid fans and lovers of Jamaican music our pursuit is simple: uniting music lovers under one umbrella while continuing the mission of one day achieving and feeling One Love.

Corporate Social Responsibility

With the company reaching a state of maturity, it was only natural that we behaved ethically and contributed to the economic and social development of our local community and society at large – much more than simple charity work. As such, we created a scholarship program specifically geared towards the creative arts in an attempt to give someone the chance to excel at an opportunity they may not readily have access to.

It’s understandable that the door of opportunity is open but once and stays that way only within a blink of an eye, so we’re determined to keep that door open as long as it takes because we all deserve a fighting chance at success. Success certainly isn’t an esoteric substance that only the elite among us should have…greatness truly exists in all of us and we truly want help lay that first brick to build someone’s road to success.

Additionally, in awareness of the Earth Hour initiatives, we hosted our first annual Acoustic Concert, in March of 2013, as a means of recognition their symbolic mass participative event to mobilize people to take action on climate change. Inspiring a global community of millions of people in 7,001 cities and towns across 152 countries and territories to switch lights off for an hour as a massive show of concern for the environment, our vision was purely to start a movement within Jamaica that is already taking place all around the world.

With the help of our artistes and varied cooperate companies the concert garnered a heart-warming support and went down as the first of its kind within Jamaica and the Caribbean at large.


As the years pass and Jamaicanmusic.com’s tireless work ethic slowly starts to pay off, more and more accolades have been bestowed upon us inclusive of:

  • The Jamaica Observer Mogul in The Making Award 2012
  • The Caribbean Outlier Award from Arthur Lok Jack Graduate School of Business 2012
  • PSOJ 50 Under 50 Award 2012
  • Market Mixx Awards 2012
  • Best Music/Entertainment Website 2011
  • Best Overall Jamaican Website 2011
  • Best Jamaican Facebook Fan Page 2011
  • Best Jamaican Twitter page 2011
  • Best Jamaican Facebook Page of 2010
  • Best Jamaican Twitter Page of 2010


Alex Morrissey,
Chief Executive Officer
Biko Kennedy,
Chief Operating Officer
Ishaka Abu Shango,
Director of Photography
Arian Hendricks,
Web Manager
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Jacquie Juceam
Dominic Bell, Freelance Writer
Wendell Richards, Freelance Videographer


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